Welcome to Anchorage! 

We are so excited for you to come and live in one of our affordable homes, made possible through the City of Cape Town’s social housing initiative.

Important Notice – Please read before applying:

This application process has TWO sections:

Part 1:    Submit your details
Part 2:   Submit your documentation

In order to ensure a smooth application process, the following will be needed:

1. Your registration number from the City of Cape Town Housing Needs database.

– In order to accept your application, you are required to be registered with the City of Cape Town.
You can read more about the application process on the CoCT website here: City’s Housing Needs Register
– If you are already registered, you will be able to submit your registration number during the application process.
– If you are not registered yet, you must download, print out and complete the following application and submit it along with your other documentation at the end of the application process.
Download the application form here.

2. Pay the credit check fee (R250)

3. Upload your documentation (see below)

The following documents will be required from you:

  1. Credit check fee proof of payment
  2. Copy of your ID
  3. Copy of your partner’s ID (if applicable)
  4. Dependent’s birth certificates if younger than 16 (if applicable)
  5. Latest payslip
  6. Your Partner’s latest payslip (if applicable)
  7. Three month’s bank statements (for both you and your partner – if applicable)
  8. Completed City of Cape Town Housing Needs application form or registration number if you have already registered

 Pro tip:
While the application form is mobile-friendly, we recommend completing your application on a computer if possible as you might find it easier to complete. Good luck! 😉 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Requirements to Qualify?

  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Do not own/have not owned property
  • Combined household income of between R 6 710 – R 22 000 per month
  • Be permanently employed or have a contract lasting at least 12 months

How much does it cost?

  • Your rental is calculated based on your combined basic household income.

How do I register on the City of Cape Town’s Housing Needs database?

  • Download, print out and complete the application form. You can submit it along with the rest of your documentation.
  • Click here to download