We only sell the cut vines, sorry, think the weather in St.Louis would kill them. Try accenting with Gardenias or any other flower to add an elegant touch, perfect for weddings or corporate events. Yes, please call me or text 662-231-7285, Brock, Hi there! Sorry, never had good luck getting the zine started, Hi! A man at what appears to be a Russian wedding attempts a backflip off a chair, while a Michael Jackson impersonator dances to Smooth Criminal. . I’m interested in getting a box of Southern Smilax for customers to evaluate. Good morning . Thanks so much. Smilax is also known as greenbrier and occasionally carrion vine, due to its intense, slightly unpleasant scent. October 2017 was a big month for Mattie Jackson, who until recently owned the restaurant Salt & Vine in Nashville, and Selecman — they were … We welcome area brides to be to register with us at Vineyards. Hi, I’d like to order 1 box of your smilax. Brock, Hi, need freight quote shipping to zip 28801, Text shipping info to 662-231-7285 for a freight quote. Any info would be appreciated. I’m a florist in British Columbia, and I am doing some advance planning for a wedding next year and require Smilax. By contrast, sweet autumn clematis (Clematis terniflora), for example, has much smaller blooms, although, to its credit, they are more numerous. The best way is keep in cooler, we mist it daily, should keep in cooler for a week. Thanks! Around $55.00-$60.00, we ship overnight on Fed-Ex during the hot summer months. Text me your address for a quote, 662-231-7285. Smilax smallii, also known as Jackson vine, is the updated botanical name for Smilax lanceolata. Matthew James Shively Jr. (born September 15, 1990) is an American actor best known for his role as Ryan Laserbeam on the Nickelodeon television series True Jackson, VP. Our estate is reminiscent of a traditional Tuscan farmstead, complete with a rustic courtyard and fountain. Zip is 30291. Smilax species (greenbriers) are difficult to control weedy vines that will entangle through ornamental landscape shrubs. How much with shipping would that be . I have two weddings a week apart. Please provide total price. Hi, I am wondering how many boxes of smilax I would need to create a hanging arch, a loose/wispy runner for a 30′ table, and lay a few shorter pieces on about 15 tables. Hi! Are they the ‘bridal creeper’ Smilax or something different? I have not ordered from you before. What is Smilax? … Continue reading Shipping and Prices → Wedding on May 17th. I need to cover a staircase, create a display behind a sofa, cover a fireplace and have some left over to accent the venue. Sharon Yantis, Floralcreationsbysharon.net, Yes, Just call or text me 662-231-7285, I have an image of the venue for reference, if I could get an email to send it that would be great. How many boxes do you think I should purchase for this? Were only off crop May-July because of new growth, call me 662-231-7285 or text Our wedding is on Nov. 4 in area code 29585–if I could get pricing based on the image as well as a quote for shipping that would be great. I am looking for a half box of Southern Smilax for an April wedding and would like to know the cost for freight to MI. with approximately 80-100 feet per box. One of the things that makes Jennings Trace so loved by brides and planners is the unique and breathtaking design. I was curious if you ship to Canada? Forest Wedding Pergola. Tildy Floral Designs. If so, what is the approximate cost? 662-231-7285 Could you give me the dates of when you will be on crop for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019? Available anywhere in the US we offer a variety of shipping options for your convenience. 3 vines/bch. Hello there ~ I would like to know how much it would be to ship / cost of a full box of smilax would be to 28557 NC I would need this for a Sept. 9th event ~. Several boxes of smilax Thank you ! Required fields are marked *. Hi! Mostly used for covering wedding venues, never used it in vases. Is the smilax available for those dates? Mossy Branches . I need one box to Tulsa okla in August. Can I safely assume that Jackson vine would be available? Smilax, commonly known as Jackson Vine, is grown and harvested in the Deep South, packed and shipped within 36 hours of harvesting. The weight is around 15-18 lbs. 2017. honeysuckle & Wine. Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve Entourage Sparkling Finished with Icewine. JEREMY VINE tells Nigel Havers: Scrap cycle lanes and I'll swap bike for Chelsea tractor. Does Elaeagnus go off crop or is it avaialble year round? Thanks! Thank you! Vine Maple is now ready. $6.50/bch when buying 20 bch pack. I’m interested in eucalyptus garland for end of June event. Text shipping address for freight quote–662-231-7285 Any suggestion on how much I would need to order is very much appreciated. Delivery date 2.6.20. Is the Smilax vine available then? Only available to our industry clients with a valid tax resale certificate on file, is our Southern Smilax (Jackson Vine). Leathery, rounded to oval, bright green leaves to 5 … The vines are cover and fodder for numerous wild birds and animals, and its tubers, stems, leaves, and berries can all be used in various recipes. What box size and price. Custom made Garlands, Magnolia Foliage, mixed Wedding Greens, Fresh Wreaths. We can provide southern smilax, elaeagnus, or water oak in both full box and half box amounts. And to see if it’s hardy enough to withstand my not so green thumb. A fresh supply of mossy branches has just come in. No matter what event you may face, Wedding, Party, Special Event or Home Decoration, we have the greenery you need. Grow your garden today! Is everything offcrop until mid-july or just smilax? If so, what is your freight charge? Also, what would shipping cost to Los Angeles, zip is 90066, Sorry, we go off crop from May-July, freight would be around $90.00 to LA. Need enough for a 9/16 wedding to do a large fireplace display, wedding arbor and possibly a few 10-15 foot railings. Thanks! I’m the stylist and owner of Beck&Forth Co. And I’m looking to utilize smilax for “garland” down the centers of 22 farmhouse tables. Thanks so much! 662-231-7285, I need 150′ smilax vine for an event on 5/28/17. If so can you let me know the shipping price as well? I moved to Saint Louis ten years ago and miss the South.

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